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From client walks to deal talks, Project Point ensures you are kept company throughout your sales journey.

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A complete package of marketing data, tools, and staff, which gives you full control and oversight of your campaign, while focusing on meeting clients and closing deals.

Who We Are

Top B2B lead generation and sales outsourcing provider

If we say we are as competitive as the others that would mean nothing more than just run-of-the-mill. That’s because they also generate leads like we do, have skilled people like the ones we have, and use the same tools as we do.

However, understanding what our clients need even before we speak, and utilizing the knowledge we have acquired from working with them which adds up to our experience and hone our expertise, set us apart as a trusted marketing firm globally.

We maximize tools, staff, and schemes in order to build a right fit lead generation and appointment setting campaign for each client we serve. Thus, letting them save time and money while winning an easy, holistic customer journey.


Get quality leads that easily convert with
our multi-channel marketing scheme


Optimize the power of business communication in the most professional way


Humanize your client engagement via phone or digital meeting platforms


Connect with industry peers who can be both potential clients and valuable connections


Keep a steady and eased conversation with your prospects via savvy social apps


Get to know your target audience better through their online presence


Leverage one-to-many prospect engagement by hosting hassle-free virtual and live events

Our Services

Drive your sales with qualified
business leads and meetings

Lead Generation Services

We will kick off your campaign process by filtering high value accounts from a huge warehouse of contacts to build a strong database, then carried out through a multi-channel approach which consists of calling, email, chat, social media, instant messaging, and webinar, which aims to complete the action by engaging your ideal customers, uncover their pain points, and get them to agree to a meeting with you, for a chance to close the deal.

Webinar and Online Events

Your value proposition is key to how we customize a comprehensive one-to-many brand messaging campaign through our webinars and events marketing service. This is a holistic approach that covers pre-event promotion such as content creation, invitation, and registration, which is followed by event facilitation which is composed of practice sessions, attendee engagement, and Q & A moderation. The method is concluded by post-event tasks such as reports, audience feedback, and event metrics.

Cross-border Marketing

Our multiregional presence in North and Latin America, Asia Pacific, Canada, United Kingdom, and parts of Europe is powered by a huge global data of contacts and practical geography insights. Such assets fuel our outreach capabilities with proven lead generation tactics to help you explore new markets across regions without the hassle of frequent travels to and from client meetings, or the need to build local infrastructures in your target locations.


Lead Generation and Sales Development
services tailored for your Industry


Whether you are a system software, utility, or application software company, we have a pool of thousands of potential accounts that you can dive into through our lead generation campaign package, alongside an experienced support staff, and free access to both our in-house and partner systems and tools.

Information Technology

Six, nine months, or maybe a year or two, that’s how long it can take for companies to decide whether they’d integrate, update, or change their IT infrastructure or not. However, our multi-touch, multi-channel marketing program is composed of several outreach channels that function to help you engage leads that require longer nurturing periods before they can be converted to deals.

Manufacturing and Distribution

We understand the challenges you face, globalization, supply chain regulations, and tech-enabled modernization, to name a few. So we made our lead generation process as “something you can do more for less” by taking away tedious prospecting tasks just to reach your targets but rather by just ticking “YES” to a client meeting in your calendar right from the comfort of your office.

Medical and Healthcare

We want every industry to thrive. That's why we continue to diversify our lead generation strategy by continually updating our data, customizing our multi-touch, multi-channel outreach approach, and adapting to tech innovations that power us with tactics and insights to address your marketing needs and carry out your business goals. Thus, adding up a strong support to your medical and healthcare capabilities to fully serve the needs of your target audience.

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